26 Songs For Mistress Carrie's Marathon Playlist as Suggested By Listeners

April 2, 2019

As you all know by now, Mistress Carrie will be running in the Boston Marathon in support of the Home Base Program, which provides assistance to veterans and their families. And because she is going to be running all 26.2 miles, she's going to need some songs to add to her playlist to keep her going!

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1. Ice Nine Kills - "A Grave Mistake" (suggested by Jeremy J.)

2. Volbeat - "A Warrior's Call" (suggested by Dorene S.) 

3. Halestorm - "Love Bites" (suggested by Joe R.)

4. Rival Sons - "Too Bad" (suggested by Alan L.)

5. Shinedown - "Devour" (suggested by Craig B.)

6. Judas Priest - "Hell Bent For Leather" (suggested by Bryan G.)

7. Three Days Grace - "The Mountain" (suggested by Dan R.)

8. Soundgarden - "Rusty Cage" (Steven G.)

9. Avenged Sevenfold - "Hail To The King" (suggested by Brandon L.)

10. Metallica - "Master of Puppets" (suggested by Brian C.)

11. Pantera - "Strength Beyond Strength" (suggested by Michael B.)

12. Survivor - "Eye of the Tiger" (suggested by Nick K.)

13. Motley Crue - "Live Wire" (suggested by Dan M.)

14. Sevendust - "Black" (suggested by M.C.)

15. Mother Love Bone - "Crown of Thorns" (suggested by Cameron B.)

16. Social Distortion - "Dear Lover" (suggested by Chris H.)

17. Pink Floyd - "Run Like Hell" (suggested by Neil O.)

18. Godsmack - "Keep Away" (suggested by Heather G.)

19. Five Finger Death Punch - "Jekyll and Hyde" (suggested by Cameron L.)

20. Iron Maiden - "Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner" (suggested by Russell K.)

21. Zac Brown feat. Chris Cornell - "Heavy Is The Head" (suggested by James S.)

22. Black Label Society - "Stillborn" (suggested by Michele G.)

23. Billy Idol - "Rebel Yell" (suggested by Michael C.)

24. Tool - "Aenema" (suggested by Matthew H.) 

25. Primus - "Spaghetti Western" (suggested by Rich N.)

26. Foo Fighters - "Run" (suggested by Bernie J.)