20 Artists That Aren't In The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, But Should Be

October 9, 2018

Every year there are cheers and jeers when the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame rolls out its nominees that have "demonstrated unquestional musical excellence" as well as influence for the future growth of rock n' roll. 

While many fans are thrilled that acts like Def Leppard and Rage Against The Machine are being considered for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2019, there are of course many other worthy artists waiting for their call.

  1. Iron Maiden

    Probably the one band fans are most outraged about that has not received the call from the Hall of Fame, Iron Maiden built a dynasty on their famous twin-guitar riffs, Bruce Dickinson's shrieking vocals, catchy songs that hook you in, and a mascot that would give even Pennywise the Clown nightmares!

  2. Motörhead

    Sometimes there's no clear genre to classify Motorhead. Whether it be hard rock, heavy metal, thrash metal, speed metal, it truly doesn't matter. Because frontman Lemmy Kilmister's mission onstage was to simply belt your face with the loudest rock trio to ever emerge out of Britain.

  3. Soundgarden

    With grunge giants like Nirvana and Pearl Jam already immortalized in the Hall of Fame, it seems somewhat surprising that even after the untimely death of lead singer Chris Cornell that Soundgarden didn't get a second look.

  4. Nine Inch Nails

    Part industrial music, part rock, part who knows what else, Trent Reznor's truly unique body of work that shaped Nine Inch Nails has so far not earned him a nomination. 

  5. Pantera

    Instantly one of the top heavy metal bands of the '90s, along with the unforgettable legacy and influence of late guitarist Dimebag Darrell, Pantera is a fan favorite that sadly been overlooked too long.

  6. The Pixies

    Another group that could never stay in the same genre for very long, The Pixies continue to be regarded as part of the Mount Rushmore of indie rock.

  7. Jethro Tull

    Flute solo anyone? It's not often that a classic rock band's first choice of instrument would fall under the woodwinds. But with hits like "Locomotive Breath," they made it work. Not to mention that they beat out Metallica for the first ever "Heavy Metal" Grammy award!

  8. The Cure

    Robert Smith fronted the mish-mash ensemble of gloom rock, post-punk, and pop into truly one of the more edgier bands of its time. But so far, they to have not caught the eyes of the Rock Hall of Fame (yet.)

  9. Tina Turner

    Often regarded as the first ever "Queen of Rock and Roll," Tina Turner set the bar high for female solo artists with hits like "What's Love Got To Do With it," along with 8 Grammys and probably the best set of legs in music.

  10. The Smiths

    Although they had a relatively short shelf life together, The Smiths were one of the few British new wave acts to successfully stand out while going against the tide of heavy guitar rock of the early '90s.

  11. Slayer

    They have been eligible since 2008 and have managed to rise to the top as one of the biggest heavy metal acts in the world without any major help from television or radio. That alone should say something about their tenacity. Their music is just as equally in-your-face with an endless barrage of head-banging thrash metal goodness. But is the Rock Hall of Fame ready to induct a band like this? Who knows?

  12. Judas Priest

    The simple fact that Judas Priest isn't in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is enough for us to find the Game Of Thrones "shame nun" and have her follow the members of the recording academy. They are one of the most influential metal bands, sold millions of records, helmed by one of the strongest voices in rock, and they continue to sound as good as they ever have. So what else do they have to do?

  13. Alice In Chains

    Forging a bond between grunge and metal, Alice In Chains created a sound that no other band has been able to successfully replicate. While other grunge bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam have received induction, the time for AIC's turn should be imminent.

  14. Ronnie James Dio

    The fact that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame hasn't humbled itself before the legacy of Ronnie James Dio is mind-boggling. It's not enough that he had one of the most powerful voices in all of rock, the fact that the "devil horns" gesture started with him should have guaranteed him a spot.

  15. Ozzy Osbourne

    It took Black Sabbath long enough to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2006. It only makes sense that Ozzy, as a solo artist has just as been influential.

  16. Mötley Crüe

    With the amount of hit songs and albums they have amassed over the years, it should only be a matter of time that the recording academy finally allows Mötley Crüe into the Hall of Fame. Especially since they've been eligible since 2007.

  17. Scorpions

    They've sold over 100 million albums, they've been headlining concerts in stadiums and arenas for 40 years, but for some reason they still haven't been inducted. On top of their hit albums like Lovedrive, Animal Magnetism, Blackout, Love at First Sting and Savage Amusement, there shouldn't be a reason why the Scorpions are being overlooked.

  18. Anthrax

    Their hip-hop buds Public Enemy have already been inducted into the Hall of Fame, so Anthrax's turn should be sooner rather than later! As part of one of the famous "Big 4" thrash metal bands, Anthrax's nomination could help pave the way for even more metal acts into the Hall of Fame.

  19. Smashing Pumpkins

    Although getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame isn't at the top of Billy Corgan's list, getting the nod from the recording academy would be nice. As one of the few grunge bands to branch out and experiment with multiple genres like classic rock, goth and jazz, the Smashing Pumpkins were a genuinely unique '90s band deserving recognition. Three Platinum records and one Diamond record should also be enough.

  20. Jane's Addiction

    They were close to being inducted in 2017 but they didn't make the cut. And even though they may not have as huge a catalogue as some of their peers, one cannot deny that they 25th anniversary of Ritual de lo Habitual should secure their spot.