2 Years Ago: Metallica & Lady Gaga Rock Through Mic Troubles At The 59th Grammys

February 12, 2019

No pun intended, but someone may have been fired after this.

What was the most highly-anticipated live performance of the 59th annual Grammys turned out to have run into a big, silent bump in the road. Plus with presenter/actress Laverne Cox forgetting to mention Metallica in her introduction didn't really help either, though she was quick to apologize for her flub on in a since deleted tweet. "I am so sorry to Metalica and all their fans. I am told I didn't say their names during the intro. Love you Metallica. You Rock. #Grammys"

During their live collaboration of Metallica's "Moth Into Flame" with Lady Gaga, everything was off to a great start. But there was a sudden downshift as somebody at the Grammys forgot to turn James Hetfield's microphone on! Quickly realizing that something was wrong, Hetfield shared a mic with Gaga until his was eventually turned back on.

The remainder of the performance was a success, although at the end of the song a very pissed Hetfield kicked away his mic stand and angrily tossed his guitar to one of the techs. Check out how it REALLY sounded in their full performance below!