15 Years Ago: Jason Varitek Gloriously Mushed Alex Rodriguez In Fenway Park's Greatest Brawl

July 24, 2019

On July 24th, 2004, it was a day just like any other day at Fenway Park. The grass was freshly cut. The aroma of Fenway Franks filled the air. And the blood of New York Yankees was being spilled on the field.

In case you forgot, or if you took one too many knuckleballs to the head, 2004 was the year the Boston Red Sox were finally able to end the curse of the Bambino by winning the World Series for the first time in 86 years. And the journey there was no pretty sight (ex: when the ball went through Bill Buckner's legs in 1986).

But let's go back to that night that gave us the iconic photo (that also inevitably wound up as many lower leg tattoos). The Red Sox were behind the Yankees 3-0 at the top of the third-inning for the ALCS. Bronson Arroyo delivers a fastball to Yankees' Alex Rodriguez's elbow. A-Rod wasn't happy about that. No mas.

After belting out a few choice words that probably rhymed with "duck lou", A-Rod changed his target to Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek. Big mistake. Fist, catcher's mit, meet face.

From there, both teams jumped out of their bullpens and that famous brawl that got etched into our mindbanks forever. A-Rod and Varitek were ejected from the game, but the Red Sox won with an 11-10 walk-off in the ninth-inning.

Ah, memories.