15 Bands With Siblings That Rock Together

April 10, 2019

Band members that stick together through thick and thin are practically family. And in the case of the following list of bands, they are literally that.

It's no question that even though brothers and sisters will engage in some sibling rivalry in their youth, we all eventually grow out of it and become the best of friends (most of us, at least). But here are 15 bands that have kept rock a family affair, including some that vow to rock from the crade to the grave!

But in some cases where the siblings end up breaking up the band, they better not tell mom.

1. AC/DC - Angus Young (lead guitar) Malcolm Young (rhythm guitar)

2. Stone Temple Pilots - Robert DeLeo (bass) Dean DeLeo (guitar)

3. Oasis - Liam Gallagher (Vocals) Noel Gallagher (Guitar)

4. Radiohead - Jonny Greenwood (guitar) Colin Greenwood (bass)

5. Heart - Ann Wilson (vocals) Nancy Wilson (rhythm guitar)

6. Van Halen - Eddie Van Halen (guitar) Alex Van Halen (drums)

7. Highly Suspect - Ryan Meyer (drums) Rich Meyer (bass)

8. Creedence Clearwater Revival - John Fogerty (vocals) Tom Fogerty (rhythm guitar)

9. Allman Brothers Band - Duane Allmän (guitar) Gregg Allmän (keyboard)

10. Black Crowes - Chris Robinson (vocals) Rich Robinson (guitar)

11. 30 Seconds To Mars - Jared Leto (guitar/vocals) Shannon Leto (drums)

12. Kings of Leon - Caleb Followill (vocals) Nathan Followill (bass) Jared Followill (drums)

13. Greta Van Fleet - Joshua Kiszka (vocals) Jake Kiszka (guitar) Sam Kiszka (bass)

14. The Kinks - Dave Davies (lead guitar) Ray Davies (vocals)

15. The Stooges - Ron Asheton (guitar/bass) Scott Asheton (drums)