14 Years Ago: Dave Matthews Band Dumped 800 Pounds Of Poo On A Boat Full Of People

August 8, 2018

If you ever find yourself having a bad day, always remember that time the Dave Matthews Band tour bus accidentally dumped 800 pounds of human dookie on a tour boat full of people.

On August 8th, 2004, the Dave Matthews Band out on tour and had some dates in Chicago. It was around this time that the driver of the band's tour bus had dumped 800 pounds of human waste over the Kenzie Street bridge's metal grating and into the Chicago river. Unfortunately, there was also an architecture tour boat full of passengers going under that same bridge at the same time. Those same tourists did not expect what happened next. A waterfall of human wasted soaking them from head to toe.

According to Matthews, he was on a flight when it happened and thought it was hilarious. At least until when he found out it was one of his buses.