12 Video Games With Epic Rock Soundtracks

September 12, 2019

Video games have been a billion-dollar industry since the early days of PONG. Now in 2019, video games tend to go hand-in-hand with a wide spectrum of amazing music. From hit songs to original scores, here are twelve video games with rock and metal soundtracks that gave an extra "oomph" to your game play.

1. Halo 2 

That famous chorus is just as epic and exciting as the actual game. But to know that Steve Vai is behind that guitar solo just gives players goosebumps as they ward off the evil "flood."

2. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

The entire Tony Hawk Pro Skater series remains to stay a kick-flipping classic with some of the moment memorable rock songs while players try to land the '900' on the halfpipe.

3. Tekken 3

A perfect blend of heavy guitars and techno, this Playstation staple is guilty of bearing some of the most badass instrumentals to land a 13-hit juggle combo to.

4. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

If you're going to have a video game take place during the '80s, you might as well do it right with some of the era's biggest songs from artists like Judas Priest, Twisted Sister, Anthrax, Ozzy Osbourne, and Tesla to name a few.

5. Red Dead Redemption 2

Hands down one of the greatest video games of 2018, this western adventure captures every emotion through its award-winning soundtrack, featuring scores from D'Angelo and Josh Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age.

6. Twisted Metal

How can you have a video game titled "Twisted Metal" and not have music to accompany this warzone on wheels? Even music from shock-rocker Rob Zombie has been featured in Twisted Metal 3 and 4, including his own playable character!

7. Guitar Hero

You didn't think we'd make a list about rock and metal in video games and not include Guitar Hero? It's the only one where playing the music on a toy guitar is the entire objective of the game!

8. Dave Mirra BMX

If you were a fan of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series, then you would no doubt fall in love with Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX. What other game out there lets you pull of a 720 moto whip to the tune of Godsmack?

9. Need For Speed Underground 2

A healthy mixture of rock, rap and techno, players literally had to feed their need for speed by listening to this fast-paced soundtrack.

10. ATV Offroad Fury

Just when riding an ATV was an adrenaline boost already, songs by Alice In Chains, Sevendust, Soundgarden and Primus just made you focus on the finish line a little bit more.

11. DOOM

Doom became one of the classic first-person shooters when it was released in 1993. Then in its 2016 recreation, it became the first game to feature a "heavy metal choir." Take that Mario.

12. Brütal Legend

C'mon. This game is centered around rock and metal folklore, you fight with a guitar/axe, and it features voices from Jack Black, Ozzy Osbourne, Lemmy Kilmister and Rob Halford. Done deal.