10 Times People Thought Rock Music Was "Pure Evil"

August 6, 2019

Rock music has prided itself on being the sound of misfits, outcasts and weirdos that are fine with going against the grain of what is perceived as "normal."

But throughout the years rock has faced much opposition. From overly-concerned parents to "fire and brimestone" preachers that believe it is the product of satan worship and wish to see it eliminated. So we put together a few moments when rock music was found in the crosshairs, and in some cases, were kind of funny.

1. When early rock n' roll was blamed for teenage deliquents

2. When this pastor labeled rock music as "Satanic Cyanide." 

3. When Dee Snider spoke out against the PMRC (Parents Music Resource Center)

4. When KISS was labeled as "satanic."

5. When protesters wanted to control which artists could perform in their city

6. When this mom didn't approve of her son's rock n' roll lifestyle

7. When religious protesters harassed Judas Priest fans

8. When Ozzy Osbourne disproved the rumors that he promoted devil-worship

9. When GWAR spoke with a concerned mom on Jerry Springer

10. When Marilyn Manson exposed how the media puts blame on musicians in times of tragedy