10 Rock Songs For Earth Day

April 22, 2019

Back on April 22, 1970, we celebrated the first ever "Earth Day," which is acknowledged around the world where we, including school children, are taught about the importance about environmental conservation and "going green." On this day that we celebrate our planet, many rock artists have written songs dedicated to this big blue marble we call home. 

  1. Rush - "The Trees"

  2. The Beatles - "Mother Nature's Son"

  3. Queen - "The Prophet's Song"

  4. Van Halen - "Outta Space"

  5. Aerosmith - "Ain't Nobody's Fault"

  6. Black Sabbath - "Hole In The Sky"

  7. Metallica - "Blackened"

  8. Peter Gabriel - "Down To Earth"

  9. The Byrds - "Hungry Planet"

  10. U2 - "Beautiful Day"