10 Rock Auditions That Shook Things Up On 'American Idol'

March 21, 2018

Even though nearly everyone auditioning for American Idol wants to be a pop, country or r&b artist, it's rare to see someone willing and able to rock the show. But when someone comes around to do just that, it is freaking sweet!

 Some of them went on to win seasons, while others never make it past the auditions. Either way, here are 10 auditions that really rocked the judges' table for better or worse.

10. Nico Bones' voice may not be as pretty as his looks, but you have to admire his carefree attitude. Even Katy Perry said that he "wins at life."

9. Bo Bice had one of those voices where it was unmistakeable that this guy was born to sing. It was also unmistakeable that there was a big upset when he lost to Carrie Underwood in the season 2 finale.

8. Chris Daughtry may have only came in fourth place during season 5, but so far he's been one of the most successful artists to come through the show since its beginning in 2002.

7. Caleb Johnson is a little bit of Meat Loaf, a little bit of Ozzy Osbourne, and a whole lot of rock for the American Idol stage. It only took three previous auditions to make it, but Johnson went on to claim the grand prize as the season 13 winner.

6. Jessica Meuse took a risk by auditioning with a song of her own. Although she didn't win season 13, she fought through the ranks to secure a spot as one of the final 4.

5. David Cook was inspired to enter thanks to Chris Daughtry's audition. Good thing he auditioned, because he went on to win all of season 7!

4. James Durbin can really, really, really hit those high notes. A unique vote out of thousands of auditions, Durbin proved he had the vocal chops to move on to sing on Quiet Riot's new album!

3. Aly Jados is in love with Steven Tyler. It's fair to say that after hugging her idol and being suggested that she could be the daughter Steven never met, Aly definitely had a memorable audition. (skip to 11:09 mark)

2. Constantine Maroulis came from a hard rock, underground band from New York City and his bandmates had no idea that he was auditioning for American Idol. But after wowing the judges in New York, he was off to Hollywood.

1. Adam Lambert kicked his audition off by singing "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen. A few years later, he's singing with the real Queen!

BONUS. Steven Tyler really gives no f's. Especially when he decided to audition for the show he used to judge in disguise.