10 Most Excellent Moments From Bill & Ted's Adventures

June 7, 2019

They've travelled both through time and through the afterlife, all in the name of bringing long-lasting peace through the music of their band, Wyld Stallyns. Now it has been announced that the third film of the Bill and Ted  series, Bill and Ted Face The Music, and it turns out that there's a lot more than the future of humanity at stake. We're talking the fate of time and space, dude!

So while we eagerly await the exciting conclusion to Bill and Ted's adventure, we collected ten most excellent moments from the previous two films"

1. The time they learned of their destiny

2. The time they went to Hell

3. The time they went to Heaven

4. The time they travelled to the future

5. The time they beat death (multiple times)

6. The time they went philosophizing with Socrates

7. The time they fought evil robot Bill and Ted with good robot Bill and Ted


8. The time they took historical figures to the mall

9. The time they broke the historical figures out of jail

10. The time they gave the most excellent history report ever