The 10 Greatest Beards In Rock

November 7, 2018

Rock n' Roll has always been a spearhead for self-expression and inviduality. Not only through music, but through personal style. Often times we picture your classic rock star to have long, sweaty hair, tattoos, leather pants, jewelery, and of course, some facial hair.

Throughout the decades we have seen facial forests of all shapes, sizes, colors and styles. So we put together a short list of some of our favorite bearded bros in rock!

10. Frank Zappa

Though not quite a beard, Zappa definitely nailed the thick handlebar moustache/soul patch combo. A look that was eventually regarded as "the Zappa."

"Understanding America" released #OnThisDay in 2012. The album is a thematic compilation album assembled and mastered by FZ before his death in 1993, and then released 19 years later. This is Official FZ Release #93. What's your favorite cut from this compilation?

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9. Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters

Short, full, and simple. It's the kind of beard than can be worn by the biggest rock stars in the world and by the dads dropping their kids off at school. In Dave Grohl's case, it's both.

@nmemagazine cover on stands now. Talking #ConcreteandGold, tour and more. Link in bio.

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8. Shavo Odajian of System Of A Down

Long, thin and braided. Other than his eyebrows it's the only hair on Shavo's head, and it works perfectly for him!

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7. Kerry King of Slayer

Long, thick and braided like a gym rope. It's almost like the XL version of Shavo's. Plenty of guys have tried on the bald & bearded look, but Kerry is one of the few that can make it look even more badass than it already is. The red dye job is also a nice touch.

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6. Rob Zombie

It's almost impossible to imagine what Rob Zombie's face looks like without a beard. The extended goatee coupled with the thin dreadlocks goes perfectly for the film director by day, shock rocker by night. 

Hanging with my Halloween buddy The Coop back around 2014. #robzombie #alicecooper #robfennphotography

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5. Johny Chow of Stone Sour

Long, black and thick like an enormous brillo pad. Johny nails the rock n' roll lumberjack look, and he always has his trusted axe handy. 

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4. Scott Ian of ANTHRAX

Scott Ian has taken his beard on some wild adventures. He's dyed it red. He's brought it to the set of The Walking Dead as a zombie. He even dyed it grey when he got turned into a White Walker from Game Of Thrones. Comedian Jerry Thorton even described him as "Ben Kingsley eating a raccoon."

My man @bigbaldhead! 100th episode of @thewalkingdeadamc tonight! @pearlcaliforniacountry

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3. Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society

It's not enough that Zakk Wylde is regarded as one of the greatest guitarists of all time, his beard that hangs low down to his mid-chest examplifies him as a modern-day heavy metal viking.

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2. Chris Kael of Five Finger Death Punch

We've seen the bald and bearded look before, but name one other person that has the confidence to successfully pull off a dreadlocked beard? The only other cultural icons to come close are Davey Jones of "Pirates of the Caribbean" and H.P. Lovecraft's cosmic demon Cthulhu, and they're both part-octopus! 

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1. Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top

He has been offered $1 million to shave it off, and he declined. Billy Gibbons' beard is just as part of him as the music of ZZ Top, almost making it a symbol of his rock royalty status. So if Billy Gibbons is walking towards you down a hallway, you let him pass because the bigger beard has the right of way. That's just manners.


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