10 Bands That Celebrate Halloween All The Time

October 31, 2019

Halloween is that one time of the year where you can throw on a flashy costume, apply some wild makeup and scare everyone in the neighborhood without having the cops called on you. But for some bands, one day in the entire year is not enough.

So we compiled a list of bands that like to bring the same amount of fun and production of this holiday to the stage, and then do it all year.

1. Marilyn Manson

Manson has made a career of making people uncomfortable. From his creep-tacular music videos to his hell-raising live shows, you can always rely on Manson to say or do something that will go against the grains of society for an entertaining show.

2. Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie doesn't just throw a loud, spooky and entertaining concert, he doubles-down as an acclaimed horror film director of movies like The Devil's Rejects and Halloween.

3. Alice Cooper

Regarded as the "godfather of shock rock", Cooper has been taking his own brand of horror on the road for decades, including his famous guillotine stunt that makes a regular appearance  at his live shows.

4. In This Moment

Sometimes regarded as "female Alice Cooper" or "heavy metal Lady Gaga", frontwoman Maria Brink brings multiple costume changes, stage productions, choreographed dance routines, and lots and lots of loud music to their live shows.


No other band on this list has rocked wild costumes and makeup as long as KISS. Comprised of their own comic book-style characters, The Demon, The Starchild, The Spaceman and The Catman can often be seen as costumes by fans both on Halloween and at their live shows. 


To the average person, the members of GWAR look like scary, cavemen-like warriors. But according to the band, they're not in costume. They are actually intergalactic warriors equipped with weapons to annihilate our planet.

7. Ghost

Imagine attending a church service specifically for Halloween, that's what you should expect when attending a live Ghost show. Complete with the many personas of leader Tobias Forge, his devil masked "ghouls" complete the package.

8. Slipknot

Throughout the years the members of Slipknot change up their masks to reflect the darkness and pain inside them. Some members go through different versions of the same concept (Shawn "Clown" Crahan) while others get a new mask every era (Corey Taylor). Now throw in some trash cans, some baseball bats, and some pyro, and you've got a show on your hands.

9. Buckethead

He's one of the most skilled guitarists on the planet and his outfit is simple enough to replicate for your own Halloween costume. All you need is a blank white mask and an empty bucket of KFC.

10. The Misfits

Everything about the Mistfits screams Halloween. From all of the skeletons and pale white makeup, to Jerry Only's signature "devilock" hairstyle.

*BONUS* 11. Ice Nine Kills

You didn't think we'd make a list of Halloween-loving bands and not include Ice Nine Kills, did you? The fact that they dedicated every track of their album The Silver Scream to an iconic horror film barely scratches the surface for how much they are fans of the horror genre.