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Ozzy Filled A Pool With Giant Ice Blocks To Fight Off The Heatwave

We all have our ways of staying cool during the summer: swimming, cold drinks, air conditioning. But for Ozzy Osbourne, he's got a much different plan. During an episode of The Talk , Sharon Osbourne revealed how Ozzy had a "brilliant idea" of cooling down during the heatwave in Los Angeles by... Read More

One Year Ago: Chester Bennington of Linkin Park Found Dead At 41

On July 20th, 2017, Chester Bennington, vocalist for Linkin Park, was found dead after committing suicide by hanging. Bennington's death has since shined a light on mental health and depression, especially since his suicide comes only two months after his close friend, Soundgarden frontman Chris... Read More

Liam Gallagher Wants Oasis To Reunite

After splitting nearly 10 years ago, half of the Gallagher brothers are on board with an Oasis reunion. Liam Gallagher first sent out a tweet to his brother, Noel, forgiving him for playing venues where alcohol allegedly cannot be served. "Earth to noel listen up rkid I hear your doing gigs where... Read More

Iconic Ronnie James Dio Items To Be Auctioned Off

If you've ever seriously wanted to own a piece of rock history, you just may have the chance in September 2018. A wide array of clothing, personal items, artwork, instruments that once belonged to Ronnie James Dio will be up for auction on September 14th & 15th in New York City, administered by... Read More

See This 96-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Front A Heavy Metal Band

They say that age is just a number. Well 96-year-old Inge Ginsberg seems to embody that phrase perfectly as she defies stereotypes by keeping her life extraordinary. Inge first escaped Austria in 1942 the day before World War 2 and fled to a refugee camp in Switzerland. Then she oversaw a spy villa... Read More

Be A Real Badass Texter With The Official Zakk Wylde Line Of Emojis

How big of a guitar god is Zakk Wylde? The kind that has his own set of emojis! With help from Emoji Fame, a company that specializes in specialty emojis targeted towards musicians, most of their celebrity emojis stem from hip hop and EDM artists, the Black Label Society frontman joins the ranks of... Read More