Amy Lee Of Evanescence Drops Inspirational Single 'Love Exists'

February 11, 2017

Just because Evanescence's last album, the self-titled Evanescence was released back in 2011 shouldn't suggest that Amy Lee and company haven't been keeping themselves busy. Last year Lee released a children's album Dream Too Much, and now she's blasting back into the spotlight with a powerful solo single titled "Love Exists." Just in time for Valentine's Day too!

According to her Facebook page, Lee explains that she was inspired by a song she heard on the radio in Italy titled "L'amour Esiste" by Francesca Michielin. "It seemed to follow me everywhere, got under my skin and just wouldn’t leave," wrote Lee. "I couldn’t stop listening to it, over and over the whole way home." Read her full post below.

(source: Loudwire)