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Watch LB's NSFW Weigh-In

The camera is shaking. People are panicking while screaming "What is happening?!"

No, this isn't an episode of Ghost Hunters. This was actually just LB's live, long-awaited weigh-in.

So how could a simple weigh-in be NSFW? Well, those pesky clothes do tend to weigh you down. So LB wanted the most honest, 100% honestly natural weight possible.

The good news is we saw him weigh in at 264 lbs. The bad news is we saw everything else too.

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Mike Hsu Interviewed Boston Celtic Kyrie Irving For His Starring Role In "Uncle Drew"

We all know that Kyrie Irving is one of the most talented players in the NBA. Now on June 29th, 2018 the Boston Celtic point guard will prove to everyone that age is just a number in his new film Uncle Drew. The film stars Kyrie as "Uncle Drew" along with Lil Rel Howery (Get Out) as the duo embarks on a quest to round up Drew's former teammates (Shaquille O'Neal, Chris Webber, Reggie Miller, Nate Robinson, and Lisa Leslie) to win a big cash prize in an upcoming basketball tournament against teams of youngsters.

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Let's Play "Father Knows Best" 2018 Edition!

Father's Day is this weekend, and you know what that means?

It's time for our awesomely uncomfortable game, "Father Knows Best!" The Hill-Man Morning Show put a father and daughter on the line and if he answers some very awkward questions about his baby angel, then they both win some great prizes! Do these dads know when their little girls became full-grown women? What about their sexcapades? Are they really so innocent anymore? Listen to both father/daughter teams below!

Holly and Bob

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Let's Play LB Lingo BINGO!

LB has so many catchphrases. "Hey kid", "Not For Nothin'", "All Day Everyday", and so on. So we decided to take it a step futher and create a series of custom LB BINGO boards!

Download them all and play along as you listen! Just don't turn this into a drinking game. You'll regret it.

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The 2018 Miss Boch-Kini Contest Recap

It's the most wonderful time of the year! June 14th marked our annual Miss Boch-Kini Contest thanks to our good friend Ernie Boch Jr!

This year's competition featured lovely ladies from all over New England, and even some international competitors, each hoping to be crowned Miss Boch-Kini 2018! But only one can have the poise, grace, and assets to hold that title.

Let's begin with the Bikini Competition, where our contestants arrived in their favorite swimwear hoping to impress the judges.

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This Opera-Singing Dog Is The Most Adorably Obnoxious Thing You'll Hear All Day

Who doesn't love dogs? We wouldn't be having "Monday's Mutt" every Monday if we didn't. But Walter the French Bulldog has taken the internet by storm by interrupting his owner with an operatic solo that sounds more like a wasted chick on Nantasket doing a whale impression.

But it's fair to say that as strange and freaky as it is to hear that voice come out of a little dog, we can't help but want to give Walter some scratchies!

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Er Mah Gherd, It's Jeremy Piven!

You may remember him as Ari Gold from Entourage or as "the best friend" in almost every movie. But today he was just himself, Jeremy Piven.

Jeremy came by to talk about some of his upcoming shows at Laugh Boston, as well as his life starting in improv comedy and then moving on to stand-up, working with Chris Farley, and a New England Patriot that he thinks might grow to be a big action star one day!

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The Royal Wedding Got The Bad Lip-Reading Treatment And Now It's Watchable

Yes weddings are very romantic, and yes, the Royal Wedding in particular was very beautiful and elegant. For our friends across the pond, the wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was a big deal. But for us in the states, it wasn't that high on our "things to watch" list.

But after the royal family got treated to a bad lip-reading, suddenly the wedding got 10,000 times more interesting! We learn about the royal couple's favorite Harry Potter character, why it's important to cook hotdogs on the stove, and why everyone is going bikini-shopping later! Check it out.

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Kaila Cumings Of Discover Channel's "Naked & Afraid" Fed Us Bugs In The Studio

As we get ready for the season premiere of Discover Channel's survivalist show "Naked and Afraid," we were joined by local contestant Kaila Cumings, who talked about some of the weird stuff she ate on the show, spending long lengths of time nude, and she even brought us some roasted salted bugs! Yummy!

We even gave some to our Digital Media guy/gym rat Tony for his opinion, much to Danielle's dismay.

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