Aliens Made Tom DeLonge Quit Blink-182

June 21, 2016

In previous interviews, Blink-182 members Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus would often say the reason why former guitarist Tom DeLonge left the band was due to "creative differences" and the direction of the band's sound. Now in an interview with Mic, DeLonge reveals the real reason he quit Blink-182: Aliens.

DeLonge says he left to band in order to put his energy behind a "national security issue," which involves UFOs and the looming threat of an alien invasion. "When you're an individual like me, dealing with something that's a national security issue, and you're being gifted with the opportunity to communicate something you've been passionate about your whole life - somewhat has the opportunity to change the world over time - being a small part of that is enormously important for my life path," says DeLonge. "But I can't do everything. I can't tour nine months out of the year with enough time to do the enormity of what I'm setting out to do."

DeLonge has already heard more than enough jokes regarding his decision based off of the Blink-182 song "Aliens Exist." 

"The very last line of that song references this urban legend in UFO folklore called Majestic 12, these documents that got leaked in the '80s that described an entire organization of top-level scientists, military people and intelligence officials that manage the information of this phenomenon," says DeLonge. "The irony now is that I'm dealing with people from the modern version of whatever that group is called. It's a big deal."

(source: Mic)