Alice Cooper Calls Out Rockstars Getting Political: 'We're Not Smarter Than Anybody Else'

August 4, 2016

Alice Cooper hates talking about politics. So much that he revived his parody campaign about running for President as part of what he called, the "Wild Party." He even drew up a ten-point manifesto of things he would do if elected, which includes adding Lemmy Kilmister to Mt. Rushmore, banning selfies year-round except on "National Selfie Day," and putting Groucho Marx on the $50 bill!

But while speaking with Metal Hammer, Cooper finds it hilarious when he sees his fellow rockers involving themselves in the political realm. "I absolutely hate it. It's the worst idea ever," said Cooper.

"First of all, why do people think rock stars know more than they do? That is the biggest fallacy in the world - if anything, we're dumber. We're not smarter than anybody else. I mean, why do you think we're rock stars?"

"Trust me, we don't read magazines you don't read. Nobody calls us up and gives us as inside information on politics. We know less than you do. If I watch TV, it's 'Family Guy.'"

"Rock n' Roll was built to go as far away from politics as you could get. When my mom and dad talked about who to vote for, I'd go in the other room and put on The Beatles or Rolling Stones - and I'm still like that."

Though he prefers to stay uninvolved in politics, he considers himself as more of a humanitarian and praises other artists who use their platform to provide more humanitarian efforts to those in need. "I think what Bono does and what [BruceSpringsteen does, Sting and all the people that raise money for others - that's humanitarian, and I'm all for that. but I don't think that's political."

(source: Blabbermouth)