Actress Jill Kargman Had A Religious Experience At A Guns N' Roses Concert

July 28, 2017

"Odd Mom Out" star Jill Kargman loves Guns N' Roses. And when we say she loves GNR, she looovvvves GNR.

While appearing on the "Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon," Kargman is a self-confessed metalhead who wanted to spread her outspoken love for her favorite band. When she saw them perform at the Apollo Theater, she told Jimmy "It was like a religious experience. I was like those Romanians in 1987 who feinted during Michael Jackson and they were in stretchers. That was me." Kargman added, "It was over three hours it was a dream."

 Kargman, who describes her pale complextion as if "Marilyn Manson threw up on me," received a special gift from Jimmy to help her protect herself while having fun in the sun. It was a special Guns N' Roses umbrella hat!

Check out Kargman's interview below!