82-Year-Old Covers Rob Zombie On America's Got Talent

July 22, 2016

82-year-old John Hetlinger has lived quite a life. He's a former Navy pilot and aerospace engineer who also functioned as the program manager for the costar instrument to help repair the Hubble telescope. Now that he's retired, how does one spend his time? Karaoke of course!

John became an overnight sensation when he appeared on America's Got Talent with his unapologetic cover of "Bodies" by Drowning Pool.

The members of Drowning Pool were so impressed with Hetlinger's performance that they invited him to the Chicago Open Air music festival to come onstage and sing it with Drowning Pool vocalist CJ Pierce. "I watched it, and man, I am so entertained by it," said Pierce. "It's awesome to just see an 82-year-old man get out there and just belt out some metal - whether it was our song or any other song, it was just killer to see him to that."

Now Hetlinger has returned to the America's Got Talent stage for another rockin' audition with Rob Zombie's hit "Dragula." Though he did entertain nearly every person in the theater, judge Heidi Klum wasn't impressed. Despite his unhinged performance, Hetlinger did not move on through the competition. But like Rob Zombie says in "Dragula," "I can never die."

(source: Loudwire)