8 Times Rockers Made "Cameos" On South Park

June 6, 2017

South Park has made itself known as one of the most beloved cartoons on American television for being crude, vulgar, violent, obscene, crass, politically incorrect, and above all, hilarious! When the show isn't making a mockery out of modern society, news, trends, and politics, they are absolutely skewering many of today's celebrities whether they like it or not.

Below is just a handful of some of our favorite artists that have fallen victim to South Park's actics (willingly and unwillingly), and we hope there will be more to come!

  1. Korn

  2. Slash

  3. Bono of U2

  4. Radiohead

  5. Ozzy Osbourne

  6. Metallica

  7. Robert Smith of The Cure

  8. Van Halen