8 Insane Concert Stage Props

August 11, 2017

For some bands, simply playing great music isn't enough to put on a great show. For artists like Pink Floyd, the Flaming Lips and Motley Crüe, they need a little something extra to make their concert a life-changing experience. Everything from laser light shows, to wild stage designs, to enormous props, some bands will do whatever it takes to put on a kickass show!

  1. Pink Floyd's Inflatable Pig

    Easily one of the most visual moments in rock history, the famous flying pig was the brainchild of bassist Roger Waters and artist Aubrey Powell to promote their 1977 album Animals. Everything was great until the giant pig broke free and began to float towards the airport and crash into the ground!

  2. U2's Giant Lemon

    U2 has been one of the most successful and recognized bands in the world for decades. Now if they could successfully get that giant lemon of theirs to open on command!

  3. The Flaming Lips' Space Bubble

    The Flaming Lips are the definition of one of those bands that you must see live. Mixing their psychedelic music with wild and crazy stage props, putting frontman Wayne Coyne inside a giant, inflatable hamster ball and crowdsurf? Genius!

  4. The Darkness' Boob Chariot

    The Darkness have been known for their high-flying special effects often seen at their concerts, and having vocalist Justin Hawkins fly above the crowd while seated on top of a giant pair of breasts is no exception.

  5. The Decemberists get swallowed by a Whale

    Oh the horror! The humanity! Oh wait, that's not a real whale? Nope, it's just a silly stage prop the band occaisionally brings out whenever they play "Mariner's Revenge Song." Fitting though.

  6. Motley Crüe's "Cruecify" Roller Coaster

    It was their final tour as a band and they've got to do something big. That's when drummer Tommy Lee came up with the idea of having their very own roller coaster and calling it, "Cruecify". The roller coaster would raise Lee high into the air, spin him around, flip him around, and even break down!

  7. Geddy Lee's Appliances

    Not nearly as flashy or as extravagant as some of the other artists on this list, but anyone that has attended a Rush concert will take notice at the assortment of household appliances found all over the stage. Becuase who wouldn't want a toaster oven onstage while being one of the greatest bands on the planet.

  8. Spinal Tap's Mini Stonehenge

    It was a moment that went down in rock n' roll infamy. The members of Spinal Tap had such big plans for their Stonehenge props. It's too band the actual prop wasn't that big.