7 Times Rock Stars Proved They had Superpowers

August 10, 2015

We've all heard the term of "party like a rock star". If you were a rock star anytime between the '60s and '90s, chances are you pushed your body and soul beyond their limits with literal "rock star" acts of debauchery. Some rock stars have pushed themselves so far that the acts committed would have killed the average person. Below are seven times that these rockers proved that they were more than human.

  1. Duff McKagan Drank So Much His Pancreas Exploded

    To say that the original members of Guns N' Roses were party animals seems like a bit of an understatement. They're not known for being "the most dangerous band in the world" for nothing. Tell that to Duff McKagan's pancreas.

    The bassist had spent so much of his time drinking, one day his pancreas had swelled up "to the size of a rugby ball" and ruptured, which lead to pancreatic acids to leak inside his abdomen and left third-degree burns inside his body. Miraculously, McKagan survived.
  2. Nikki Sixx OD's on Heroin in Slash's shower, is brought back to life, and does more Heroin

    If being part of the one hair metal band that embodied every aspect of the stereotypical hair metal band wasn't enough to live the rock star lifestyle, how about dying from a drug overdose, being revived, and continuing to do drugs? Because that's exactly what happened to Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx.

    While in the middle of an '80s heroin-induced binge with Slash, Nikki had shot his body up with so much heroin that he overdosed and died in Slash's shower.  He was clinically dead for two minutes before being revived with two shots of adrenaline to the heart (obscure Pulp Fiction reference). Most people would follow this with lots of bed rest and personal reflection. Well Nikki Sixx isn't most people. After being revived, Nikki escaped from the ambulance, hitchhiked home, and did more heroin.

    The entire incident inspired the band's Grammy-winning hit: "Kickstart My Heart".

    Speaking of Slash...
  3. Slash's House was Filled with almost 100 Snakes

    What can he say? Slash likes snakes. So much that he turned his mansion into a giant reptile exhibit that made the film Anaconda look like a petting zoo. There were snake cages in the walls, on the stairway landing, and even a 22-foot-long python under his stairs. He even converted a room for his python (phrasing) with water features, tiling, and greenery.

    One of his snakes even attempted to eat Axl Rose! While Slash and Axl were living together, Axl woke up to find a nearby Reticulated Python staring at his head.

    Eventually, Slash got rid of his 80+ snake collection under the fear that they prove to be dangerous for his newborn son.
  4. Rod Stewart Saved His Nose by Doing Cocaine with his Butt

    Yes, that was an actual sentence, and yes, that really happened. Because during the height of his prime, Rod Stewart had a incredibly serious cocaine addiction. Only when he did cocaine, he chose to insert it into his butt in order to protect himself from the harmful affects of snorting it. Priorities people.
  5. Pink Floyd Let Loose a Giant Inflatable Pig in London

    In celebration for "Animals", the band's 10 studio album, Pink Floyd had a giant inflatable pig filled with helium be strapped to London's Battersea Power Station to photograph for the album's cover art. But in a strange turn of events, the pig become unhitched to cause a rampage of curiosity and confusion onto the citizens of London. When it floated above Heathrow Airport, the authorities were forced to temporarily ground every flight to avoid collisions with the pig. The floating swine was eventually brought down by the Royal Air Force.

    Tragically, far too many "when pigs fly" jokes were made from the incident.
  6. Zakk Wylde Unknowingly Survives a Fatal Disease by Being an Alcoholic 

    While playing guitar for Ozzy OsbourneZakk Wylde was quite the party animal (hence the irony of his last name). But when he was feeling ill for an entire month, Wylde finally visited a doctor, only to be told that for many years his body was suffering from a rare blood disease that would overproduce clotting and could instantly kill you without warning. When asked how he was able to survive, his doctor responded, "Because you are s**tfaced all of the time." ('s**tfaced' may not be the correct medical term).

    The alcohol had reduced the amount of clotting in his blood, which unknowingly saved his life. He has since given up alcohol and regularly takes prescribed medication for his condition.
  7. Van Halen had Sex Tents

    Insert (no pun intended) your "pitching a tent" joke here.

    While Sammy Hagar lead the band as its frontman, one tour included a tent built directly under the stage where he would disappear during Eddie Van Halen's lengthy guitar solos. What one would find in said tent were many groupies waiting just for Sammy's arrival. In a bizarre twist of events, Hagar had exerted himself so much that he temporarily lost the ability to climax! 

    Very much like this list, which has also ended. 

    (source: Cracked)