5 More Jaw-Dropping Tom Petty Covers, Ranked

October 3, 2017

Looking over Tom Petty's body of work, it's clear that the man managed to consistently be a musical force to be reckoned with for four decades. And while his fanbase grew to the millions around the world, it's when his peers valued and respected his work in their covers that we could truly see the amount of weight he carried in his songs.

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Although each of the following artists have their own catalogues that carry influence in their own right, we found five more incredible Tom Petty covers that really make their hair on the backs of our necks stand.

5. Candlebox's Kevin Martin "Free Fallin'"

On the day of his death, Kevin Martin wanted to show Petty some love with an intimate cover featuring a little assistance from the audience.

4. Coldplay "Free Fallin'"

Love them or hate them, the guys from Coldplay were quick on their feet to pay tribute to a legend upon hearing the news of his death. It's fair to say they did him justice.

3. Bon Jovi "Breakdown"

Tom Petty got a little acoustic Jersey love from the swoon-master himself, Jon Bon Jovi. Just try to restrain yourself.

2. Corey Taylor "You Got Lucky"

Recorded here in the WAAF studios, Stone Sour/Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor gave us and our listeners goosebumps with this beautifully sung cover.

1. Foo Fighters and Stevie Nicks feat. HAIM "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around"

When the nicest guy in rock teams up with Petty's longtime BFF Stevie Nicks, we are confident that you will be hitting that "Replay" button more than once.