30 Years Ago Today, Guns N' Roses debuts "Appetite for Destruction"

July 21, 2017

Back before all of the drama, Guns N' Roses was single handedly the #1 rock band in the world. Upon the release of their debut album, Appetite for Destruction had become one of the most iconic, and best-selling debut albums of all time.

The fact that GNR emerged at the prime moments of the 80s metal scene and they refused to be like every other cookie-cutter metal band out there with extravagant costumes, loads of hairspray, and boxes of guy-liner. They had the street smarts, they walked the walk, talked the talk, and had the right amount of grittiness that forced glam rock to take a seat. 

When the band released their independent EP Live Like a Suicide in 1986, all of the major record labels came running, with Geffen Records signing the band and Mike Click, who would go on to produce Appetite.

Appetite for Destruction had 12 solid tracks ready for consumption, starting off with one of their greatest hits "Welcome to the Jungle." Some of the other tracks that followed included "Mr. Brownstone", "Rocket Queen", "Nighttrain", and other killer tracks that made the album the iconic listening experience that it was. So much that it proved to be further evidence that this record was going to be a difficult challenge for the band to top. Especially since it went on to land three Top 10 hits (Welcome to The Jungle, Sweet Child O' Mine, and Paradise City).

When asked about the writing process of Appetite for Destruction, Slash said "The songs happened so quickly, they almost wrote themselves, honestly," he said. "I know that [Axl] was always very, very conscientious of the lyrics and might have spent some more time with the lyrics, but the actual arrangements and the music itself would come together within an hour."

What are Slash's thoughts on the album nowadays? "Appetite s not what you'd call a favorite record - it's a good record," he said, "But to me it's still that record that we made at the time when all that s**t was happening. I don't see it as being the big record that other people see it as. I'm too close to it."

The sentiment is shared by Axl Rose who, in an 1988 interview, "I just want to bury Appetite. I like the album, but I'm sick of it... I don't want to live my life through that one album."

(source: Ultimate Classic Rock)