30 Years Ago: Alice Cooper Assists Jake The Snake With A Snake At Wrestlemania |||

March 31, 2017

There may not be a showman in rock as good as Alice Cooper. He loves the theatrics, the special effects, the stunts, everything. So it only makes sense that on this day (March 31st, 2017) Cooper would show up at Wrestlemania ||| 30 years ago.

The match was between Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Honky Tonk Man with over 93,000 people in attendance. Things weren't looking too good with Roberts, until Cooper decided to get in on the action with a little assitance from his 15-foot python Damien. Watch Alice Cooper's cameo below!

Cooper admittedly wasn't a big wrestling fan at the time, but his attitude towards the sport completely changed after that night. “Everything about that was great. I’m a boxing fan … boxing is my favorite thing to watch. Wrestling was showbiz. These guys were bigger than life; they were Megatron. This was when you had Andre the Giant, you had the Junkyard Dog, you had all these great characters,” said Cooper. “I respected it a hundred times more after being backstage.”

Cooper, who has performed for thousands of people in the past should have to problem with an event like this, right? According to WrestleNews, "I had performed in front of big audiences, but nothing like Wrestlemania |||. It was terrifying," said Cooper. "I remember telling Jake as we were riding that little ring on wheels down the aisle, 'This isn't my audience, my audience isn't as crazy as this.' It was one of the most terrifying things in the world - 90,000 people, wrestling fans, 60,000 of them were blue-haired ladies going nuts and screaming for blood."

(source: Ultimate Classic Rock)