20 Years Ago, Rage Against The Machine Got Banned From SNL

April 13, 2016

Twenty years ago April 13th, 1996 became the date that Rage Against The Machine became banned from ever performing on Saturday Night Live. What made it interesting was that Billionaire Steve Forbes was the host that night, making it one of the most bizarre host/musical guest combinations to happen on the show.

Forbes, who also dropped out of the race for the Republican nomination for President, was to some degree what "the machine" the band rages against. Rage Against The Machine ended up only playing one song, which went as expected. Because during their performance of "Bulls On Parade", the band hung an upside-down American flag on one of their amplifiers, in protest of Forbes hosting.

Afterwards, a very angry Lorne Michaels chased the band out of the studio, resulting in them being banned from the show.


(source: UPROXX)