20 Fast Facts About Marilyn Manson

January 6, 2017

You may not believe this, but the king of horror rock Marilyn Manson just turned 48 years old! He is for sure an interesting individual, but how interesting you might ask? Below we have 23 fast (and many times weird) facts about The Pale Emperor!

  1. His real name is Brian Warner and he was born in Canton, Ohio on January 5th, 1969.
  2. His stage name is a combination of movie starlet Marilyn Monroe and serial killer Charles Manson partly due to the theory that both movie stars and killers are put on magazine covers, which gives them both notoriety and fame.
  3. He sometimes writes the word "F**K" across his face so papparazzi can't sell photos of him.
  4. Manson wrote an article "Columbine: Whose Fault Is It?" after the many blamed his music for the Columbine massacre
  5. He's held many acting roles on television shows like "Eastbound and Down," "Californication," and "Sons of Anarchy."
  6. Although he's been nominated for a Grammy four times (1999, 2001, 2004, 2014) he's never won
  7. Manson almost wrote the score to the 2002 remake of the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre."
  8. His favorite movie is 1971's "Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory."
  9. He was interested in the role of Willy Wonka for the 2005 remake, which went to Johnny Depp. Depp said that he used Marilyn Manson as part of his inspiration for the role.
  10. He loved Nintendo. He says he plays "Mario Kart" to help pass the time while out on the road.
  11. He's also appeared in videogames. His lent his voice to an alien in "Area 51" and as himself in "Celebrity Deathmatch."
  12. After her attempted suicide, Paris Jackson (daughter of Michael Jackson) was reached out to by Manson. He said, "I hope you feel better. You will be on my guest list anytime you want."
  13. He uses Christian Dior products to do his makeup.
  14. He has a heart condition called Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome which causes him to have a suddenly rapid heart rate. Other celebrities with this condition include Jessie JMeat Loaf and Jeff Garlin.
  15. His late mother Barbara always called him by his birth name, "Brian." His father calls him "Manson" instead.
  16. Some people believed that he played "Paul" on "The Wonder Years," though he and the actor Josh Saviano slightly resemble each other.
  17. He used to cut himself. He says he has over 450 scars on his body.
  18. He was charged with negligence of the death of Jennifer Swyme, who died in an auto accident after attending a party thrown by Manson.
  19. He was married to model Dita Von Teese from 2005-2007
  20. He did this photoshoot with his father by Terry Richardson