11 Biggest Rock News Stories Of 2016

December 29, 2016

As memorable as 2016 has been in general, there has certainly been plenty of highs and lows for music. Although we've lost many rock legends like David Bowie and Prince, we have also gained more memories a reunited Guns N' Roses as well as new music by some of our favorite artists like Metallica!

But that's not all! Just check out the 12 top rock stories of 2016 below!

  1. Slash & Duff McKagan Reunite with Guns N' Roses
    Arguably the most anticipated reunion in music history, Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan made the impossible possible after 20 apart. Appropriately naming their tour the "Not In Your Lifetime" tour, the reunited Guns N' Roses went on to become the highest-earning musical act of 2016. 
  2. Metallica releases their 10th studio album: Hardwired... To Self-Destruct
    Eight years had gone by so fast since the release of Death Magnetic. Now Metallica's 10th studio album Hardwired... To Self-Destruct has been so well-received by fans and critics that topped the rock charts and earned the band a Grammy nomination for "Best Rock Song."
  3. The loss of Rock icons like David Bowie & Prince
    With 2016 claiming the lives of so many beloved celebrities, a good number of them came from the rock n' roll community. The loss of David Bowie & Prince shocked the world, along with the deaths of Glenn Frey, Leonard Cohen, George Michael, Keith Emerson, Nick Menza and more.
  4. Brian Johnson steps down from AC/DC due to hearing loss
    After it was revealed that by doing any further live shows Brian Johnson of AC/DC would be risking "total hearing loss," he announced that he would be stepping down from his reign as AC/DC's vocalist solely for health-related reasons. In the meantime, the recently-active Axl Rose filled in for Johnson as AC/DC's vocalist for the remainder of their "Rock or Bust" tour.
  5. Chili Peppers' Anthony Kiedis saved a baby's life
    During a taping of "Carpool Karaoke" with late night host James Corden, the RHCP frontman saw that a baby wasn't breathing. So Kiedis jumped into action, resuscitated the infant, and then went on with his day!
  6. Cliff Williams retires from AC/DC
    As if the sudden departure of Brian Johnson was devastating enough, another core member of AC/DC stepped down from the band as well. The bassist announced he would be retiring from the band following the end of their "Rock or Bust" tour.
  7. Ivan Moody ends Five Finger Death Punch show early due to "family emergency"
    During their show at the DCU Center in Worcester, MA, the FFDP frontman ended the concert early after three songs claiming that his mother died. It turned out that his biological mother was fine and well, and his sister believed that his actions were a result of his ongoing battle with alcoholism.
  8. System of a Down confirms new album for 2017
    Earlier in 2016, the band teased fans with a vague instagram video showing them trying out new material. In a recent interview, drummer John Dolmayan confirmed that System of a Down is indeed working on a new album and is expected to drop in 2017. Their new album will be their first in twelve years!
  9. Wes Scantlin's legal problems continue
    It seems that the Puddle of Mudd singer's problems with the law continued to pile up after his numerous arrests ranging from vandalization to being in a standoff with 30 police officers! His onstage meltdowns didn't seem to help either.
  10. Former 3 Doors Down Guitarist Matt Roberts dies at 38
    With five studio albums under his belt with the band, former 3DD guitarist Matt Roberts was found dead in his hotel room after what appeared to be an accidental prescription drug overdose.
  11. The Formation of the Prophets of Rage
    With the American political climate so thick and polarized, it only made sense that some of the most politically-active members of the rock and hip-hop communities joined forces to assault both political parties in one of the most controversial elections in US history.