10 More Times Beavis & Butthead Tore Into Music Videos

September 22, 2017

The immature, moronic, and flat-out dubious commentary by "Beavis & Butthead" made them the unofficial voices of a generation. Escecially whatever thoughts floated around in their minds whenever they watched music videos that were being played on TV at the time, usually deciding if it's cool or it sucks.

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Check out this small compilation of some more of our favorite clips!

"Did Phil Rudd die?"

"The Cowardly Lion sucks, Beavis."

"Teenage metal chicks are cool."

"This dude is old."

"How come Lemmy has those two big cocoa-puffs stuck to his cheek?"

"Wuss uh is Beavis."

"I think this is rap."

"You should have 'I'm a puss' tattooed on your butt."

"Um, you said 'penis'."

"Shove your foot in his mouth!"