10 Charitable Rock Stars That Love To Give Back

December 8, 2016

The Christmas season means many things to many people. To some, it's a very important religious holiday. To others, it's a time to beat a stranger senseless over a toaster that is 30% off. But one thing we can all agree on is that Christmas is also a significant time to give to the less fortunate. You don't need to be swimming in cash to be able to afford to lend a hand, but some of your favorite rock bands have gone above and beyond to give back.

  1. Ronnie James Dio

    Formed in the memory of one of the greatest vocalists in rock n' roll, the "Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund" is a non-profit charitable organization formed to support cancer research, awareness, and education on ways to prevent the disease.
  2. U2

    The members of U2 have embodied the image of the "philanthropic celebrities" with their many efforts with Greenpeace, MusiCares, Live 8, and their own creation, Project (RED) which raises funds for AIDS research.
  3. Dave Navarro

    The Jane's Addiction guitarist has seen his share of childhood trauma. Dealing with the murder of his mother by the hands of her ex-boyfriend, Navarro has become an advocate against domestic violence with the help of Safe Horizon and various benefit concerts across the country.
  4. Pearl Jam

    Regarding every one of their shows as a benefit show, the guys of Pearl Jam are responsible for the formation of the Vitalogy Foundation in which each member of the band acts as the torch-bearer for at least three charitable causes, which range from raising funding for public radio to building homes for war orphans. In 1999, Pearl Jam donated all of the proceeds from their cover of Wayne Cochran's "Last Kiss" to CARE, which brings aid to Kosovo refugees.
  5. Smashing Pumpkins

    Ever the giving individual, frontman Billy Corgan has often attached himself to various charities. According to MTV, Corgan donated $2 Million to charities aiding disadvantaged youth. Corgan is also an advocate for the fair treatment of military veterans.
  6. Paul McCartney

    By far one of the most peace-loving musicians alive, it only makes sense that McCartney lends himself to organizations that want to make the world a better place like Live Aid, Make Poverty History, War Child, the Red Cross and the Paralympics. McCartney is also a strong PETA activist and member of the Vegetarian Society.
  7. Sting

    Co-Founded with his wife, The Rainforest Foundation aids to save South American rainforests from destruction. A new species of a Columbian tree frog was even named after him! The Dendropsophus stingi took his name as recognition for his "commitment and efforts to save the rain forest."
  8. Steven Tyler

    Formed by the Aerosmith frontman, Janie's Fund partnered with Youth Villages to give treatment and counseling to young girls that have been victims of trauma, abuse and neglect.
  9. Five Finger Death Punch

    The members of the Los Angeles band have been often recognized for their support of the U.S. Military and veterans, especially those with PTSD. Born on a military base in Hungary, guitarist Zoltan Bathory said in an interview, "They put their lives on the line and I think a lot of people just take that for granted. They are a very special kind of person who is willing to do that job."
  10. Alice Cooper

    Created with his friend Chuck Savale, Alice Cooper formed the Solid Rock foundation, which supports creativity for children through the arts.