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Warning Lights Mean Nothing to Us

Hola Bitcholas, Today we asked, "What good news or good thing happened to you lately?" 'Good' news is, of course, subjective, but one person chimed in with one of those small victories that I think all people can appreciate; their 'check engine' light went OFF! Knowing that 98% of us will ignore... Read More

Mick Jagger Is Feeling Good Two Weeks After Heart Surgery

Two weeks ago, the Rolling Stones had to postpone dates of their North American tour due to Mick Jagger having a stent being placed inside his heart. According to TMZ , Jagger appears to be back on the mend. They briefly caught up with Jagger just before he entered the Lincoln Theater in NYC for a... Read More
Musicians from Linkin Park; Brad Delsen, Mike Shinoda and Joe Hahn perform

Linkin Park Has "Started Talking About Making New Music"

For as long as the surviving members of Linkin Park leave the door open for making new music together, they can count on being asked about when it will happen. DJ Joe Hahn is the latest to provide hope to the fans who want the band to continue. In an interview conducted by South Korean newspaper... Read More

Pick Your Easter Feast

Hola Bitcholas, "Big Dummy" day here on the show of big dummies, and as we do, we conducted the highly respected, excruciatingly accurate, paragon of scientific specificity that is the Mens Room Poll. With Peter Cotton Tail right around the corner we asked about the contents of his basket... Read More

Watch WAAF Listeners Experience Shinedown at Fenway

For the amount of times Brent Smith and Zach Myers of Shinedown have hung out with us at WAAF, we are practically family. So it was a considerably special moment when the duo donated both their time and talent to perform an acoustic set at our luxury suite at Fenway Park for a small group of... Read More