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My Birds Beat Yours!

Hola Bitcholas, Unlike a lot of my fellow Seattle-ites, woke up in a wonderful mood this morning. Make no mistake, I rarely wake up in a good mood, but today I woke up in a fine mood only because my beloved Baltimore Ravens came to Seattle and took out the Seahawks on their home turf. I wanna be... Read More

Ted vs The FCC Took the L

Ted vs The FCC is our weekly, very uncomfortable staple we look so forward to, but last time was different! And so damn quick. Beat Ted's record by playing You vs The FCC on The Mens Room app now! (Click the tab in the top, right corner and find it among other options like ' Mens Room Red Finder '... Read More

Data Shows Which US States Rock the Hardest

Rock and roll music is a product of the USA and since its birth in the 1940's and it has since grown and evolved over the decades. But of all the 50 states, which one rocks the hardest? Is it "Music City USA" Nashville, Tennessee? Or is it Detriot "Rock City", Michigan? Based on data collected by... Read More