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Tooth Fairy: ENGAGE

Hola Bitcholas, Ahhhhhh, the joy of children. My daughter is 7-and-a half...and it's a remarkable age. You're getting smarter everyday but still innocent and believe in magical the f**king tooth fairy. Daughter lost a tooth last night. Not her first tooth to go, but this particular... Read More
David Draiman of Disturbed performs

Disturbed Tease Announcement Due This Thursday

Disturbed is preparing for the release of their first new album in three years, a follow-up to the chart-topping Immortalized . The band took to Instagram to tease an impending announcement or release this Thursday, August 16. The date is just two days after the poll where fans are deciding whether... Read More
Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam Pays Tribute To Tom Petty And Chris Cornell In Seattle

A Pearl Jam setlist is always sprinkled with a few special moments. The band was especially reflective during their second “home show” at Safeco Field in Seattle on Friday night, as Eddie Vedder and company used the stage to pay tribute to some friends we’ve lost along the way. First, the memory of... Read More

27 Years Ago, Metallica Unleashes "The Black Album"

Although technically it was titled Metallica , today (August 12, 2018) marks the 27th anniversary of the game-changing "Black Album" by Metallica. While they spend their first seven years trying to be heavier, faster and louder than anybody else, after the release of And Justice For All in 1988,... Read More

Making Sense of Getting Punched!

Hola Bitcholas, Not much today, but here were two interesting quotes that came up that I find undeniable. ''Everybody has a plan...until they get punched in the face." - Mike Tyson I think the one exception to this is if your plan involves getting punched in the face. The other quote came to us via... Read More