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You Ever Break a Toe?

Hola Bitcholas, Got home last night, took the dog out and came back home. Pretty routine stuff. But after I kicked off my shoes, I promptly... and inadvertently kicked a steel chair in the entryway. I like the chair...I do, but I'm pretty sure I broke my pinky toe. It's not the end off the world... Read More

Going Back in Time, TIME, Time...

Hola Bitcholas, Maybe you knew this, maybe you didn't, but the latest episode of our podcast, "The Greatest Story Never Told" is out today! Anyway, this episode isn't particularly informative. It's just not. It's quite honest though. Quick overview; when we were fired/quit our former radio show in... Read More
Scott Weiland

Four Years Ago Today Scott Weiland Was Found Dead

On this day, four years ago, the artist known as Scott Weiland , former singer for Stone Temple Pilots , Velvet Revolver and The Magnificent Bastards , was retrieved by the alien race he represented here on Earth and taken back to his home planet. Well, that is what I would like to believe... Read More
Rock Band

WAAF Bay State Rock playlist 12/1/19

WAAF Bay State Rock playlist 12/1/19... As we go along... The Sheila Divine-Like A Criminal-Thurs The Plough and Stars Airport-Hate You-Sat Sally O'Brien's SIXTEENX20-Dead Memories-Tues Alchemy SEE THIS WORLD-I See Dead People-Thurs @ New Alliance Gallery Lonely Leesa & The Lost Cowboys-... Read More
Stone Temple Pilots

Stone Temple Pilots Announce Acoustic Album & Tour

Get ready for new music and a tour from Stone Temple Pilots! According to a press release from the band, Perdida will be the band's first ever acoustic album that drops on February 7th. It's detailed as a "deeply personal album that weaves introspective lyrics and unexpected instruments together... Read More