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Tell About the First Time You Saw More Than Expected

Hola Bitcholas, Today was our 'Random Question Question' day and one of the questions we asked was, 'what was the first movie you saw with nudity?' This particular question seemed to jar the memory of damn-near everyone...and we're not surprised. First time you see nudity in a movie (particularly... Read More

Axl Rose & Slash Don't Mind if People Wear Band Shirts as Fashion

There's a growing debate amongst rock artists and fans when people wear t-shirts of bands that they don't listen to. Some oppose it, calling these people "posers" for turning a band shirt into a fashion accessory. But then there are those that don't mind it someone wears a band's merchandise,... Read More

Boston, Berklee, and The Ben Cote Band...

Surviving the music industry has never been easy. Being artistically talented is not enough to get by anymore. You need to be not only business savvy, but unmercifully motivated as well. Unfortunately, many don’t possess all of those skills… no matter what level of instruction they may have... Read More

Watch Metallica's Kirk Hammett Make A Surprise Appearance with UFO

Sometimes when you go to a concert, the artist will occaisonally bring a special guest onstage to perform with them. That was the case over the weekend in Los Angeles, CA when Metallica's Kirk Hammett surprised everyone by joining UFO onstage at their show at the Avalon as part the band's 50th... Read More

Bay State Rock Recap 10/13/19

WAAF Bay State Rock playlist 10/13/19 Randy Black "The Roses I Never Bought You" - Weds 6-8PM at The Plough and Stars Asa Brebner "Trapped Inside A Teardrop" 360's "He Sold Soul" Graneros band "Mexico" - Fri Opus Underground Official Human Sexual Response FB Group 2019 "Ann Frank Story" Thinner "... Read More

Watch Layne Staley's Mother Sings Her Son's Music from Mad Season

In case you were wondering where Layne Staley got his singing skills from, look no further. Nancy Staley, mother of late Alice In Chains vocalist Lay Staley, appeared onstage to sing along to Mad Season's "Wake Up" during a tribute show in Seattle, WA. The video, which was posted in September 2018... Read More