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Would You Buy It?

Hola Bitcholas, Totally forgot about a blog again today. I really did. No legit excuse but I'm gonna submit an excuse anyway. Uh....ah; Ted has been gone this week and the "extra work load" has distracted me. I don't expect you to believe that...and you shouldn't because it's a lie...but if I had... Read More

Watch Taron Egerton Sing Just Like Elton John in "Rocketman" Clip

Rock star biopics are all the rage lately. Queen struck gold with Bohemian Rhapody , which is up for five Academy Awards. Mötley Crüe are prepared to show everything in their upcoming biopic on Netflix called The Dirt , based off of their best-selling book. Now Elton John's life will be receiving... Read More
Brad Delsen, Mike Shinoda and Joe Hahn of Linkin Park

Mike Shinoda Doesn't Rule Out New Singer for Linkin Park

It has been a year and a half since Linkin Park singer Chester Bernnington died, but we still don’t know what the future of the band will be. Will they go on? Are they done? The decision hasn’t been made. But in a new interview, co-founder Mike Shinoda left the door open for Linkin Park to continue... Read More
Ozzy Osbourne Announces 'No More Tours 2' Final World Tour

Ozzy Has Pneumonia; Cancels More Tour Dates

It has been a slow road to recovery for Ozzy Osbourne . The 70-year-old is canceling more tour dates amid revelations that he now has pneumonia. The former Black Sabbath singer with an equally successful solo career had to back out of No More Tours 2 gigs in Australia, New Zealand and Japan. The... Read More

Watch Dorothy's Live Acoustic Performance in the WAAF Studio

The WAAF studio has been seeing a lot of bands coming through lately and we are not complaining one bit. It's also exciting when an upcoming band makes their debut and Dorothy certainly made a big first impression. She even managed to attract a small audience into the studio! Fronted by Dorothy... Read More

Watch The Official Trailer For The Motley Crue Biopic "The Dirt"

Coming to NETFLIX on March 22, 2019 is the true story of Motley Crue's chaos-ridden rise to fame, The Dirt . The film is based on the band's 2001 best-selling autobiography, The Dirt , which follows their "unflinching and uncensored story about sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll, fame, and the high price of... Read More

37 Years Ago: Ozzy Osbourne Is Arrested For Urinating on the Alamo

For most people February 19th, 1982 was just like any other day. People would wake up, go to work, go home, watch television and then go to bed. But in Ozzy Osbourne's case, it marked the day in which he got himself in a heap of trouble after urinating on a beloved monument in San Antonio, TX... Read More

Nikki Sixx Slams KISS For Stealing Motley Crue's Stage Production

Through 2014 and 2015, Motley Crue's farewell tour was one of the biggest going-away parties on the planet. According to bassist Nikki Sixx, some of that excitement feels watered down now that KISS has taken many of the production elements of Crue's tour, and implemented them into their "The End of... Read More