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Your Car Gets Splattered With Paint On The Pike? Shred It!

If you have been listening to the afternoon show recently you’ve probably heard us playing audio drops of the “Shred It Bro!” guy. Josh Dolan brought him to my attention after seeing a couple of employees from Shred It in our office getting rid of evidence. After he showed me the video I instantly... Read More

Antonio Brown Has Been Released By The New England Patriots

Antonio Brown's short stay with the New England Patriots is over. Statement from a #Patriots spokesperson: — New England Patriots (@Patriots) September 20, 2019 The team released a statement which read, “The New England Patriots are releasing... Read More

Foo Fighters Celebrate Area 51 Raid Day with Roswell Live Album

If you were planning on storming Area 51 today with 2 million other Americans in hopes of seeing the aliens, then you will most likely walk away empty handed. Thankfully the Foo Fighters have prepared for this day by announcing the release of their 2005 live album from Roswell, NM at Walker Air... Read More

Rob Zombie Believes No Film Is Off-Limits for a Remake

It is often said in discussion that Hollywood has no more original ideas and everything coming out now are cash-grabbing remakes oversaturated with CGI. That may be true, but in an interview with rocker/director Rob Zombie, there is no film that is excempt from being remade. Rob and his wife Sheri... Read More

Green Day Releases Energetic Music Video for "Father Of All..."

With the release of the title track from Green Day's upcoming album Father Of All Motherf**kers duo out on February 7th, 2020, the band has released a high-energy music video to go along with it. Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong said the meaning behind the video, "We wanted to make something about... Read More

You Have to Be Without ONE

Hola Bitcholas, Big Dummy day today and lived it up to it's name! Soooo...thank you? At any rate, Big Dummy day is the day of the mighty Mens Room Poll! Today we wanted you to cut one thing out of your life for the rest of your days...but it was your choice. Which could you give up easiest: Your... Read More