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Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft Comments On Tom Brady's Future With The Patriots

This is definitely going to give Patriots Nation some hope.... Tom Brady will be a free agent in March for the first time in his NFL career and this has had the rumor mill running for some time now. Obviously, fans want the G.O.A.T. to remain with the Patriots. With the Brady family reportedly... Read More
Rock Band

WAAF Bay State Rock playlist 1/19/2020

WAAF Bay State Rock playlist 1/19/2020... as we go along... Coyote Kolb- Kolb Chadley-Big Brother Blues-Sun Atwood's Tavern Orson & the Rosebuds-War-Fri The Jungle Community Music Club Hallelujah The Hills-Get Me In A Room-Tues ONCE Somerville Gene Dante and The Future Starlets-We Are All... Read More
Tuukka Rask

Metallica Pays Tribute To Boston Bruin's Tuukka Rask

Talk about an epic gift! Boston Bruin Tuukka Rask was recently honored by the team for his 500th game and the goalie was showered in gifts . Many not know but Rask is actually a huge Metallica fan, so he was surprised with the ultimate gift -- a replica drum set of the kit drummer Lars Ulrich uses... Read More

Pick Your Poison in the Mens Room Poll

Hola Bitcholas, Today was 'Big Dummy' day and it lived up to its name when we talked to a particular contestant named Tetra. Bless her sock, but DAYYYY-YUM! ​Ah, but today is also the day we conduct our Mens Room Poll. As always, we asked a question of critical importance and most CERTAINLY a... Read More