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Serj Tankian Blames Himself For System Of A Down's Hiatus

System Of A Down fans have something in common with Tool fans, they both have been patiently and eagerly waiting for any sort of updates regarding a new album from their favorite band for as long as thirteen years. The band's last album, Hypnotize , was released on November 22nd, 2006 and they have... Read More

England Lost To Croatia And It's Somehow Mick Jagger's Fault

With the World Cup nearing its end, more and more teams are dropping like flies. But probably one of the biggest upsets of the year has got to be England's disappointing loss against Croatia in the semifinals, and somehow it's all Mick Jagger's fault. Known as the "Mick Jagger Jinx", there appears... Read More

LB Weighed Himself Again, But With Clothes On This Time

With Greg out, the Hill-Man Morning Show temporarily became "Mooseknuckle & Friends" and Captain Mooseknuckle himself has agreed to weigh himself again live on the air. Last time LB weighed himself on the air, he stripped down to his birthday suit to get the most natural weight possible. A for... Read More

Where Did THAT Come From?

Hola Bitcholas. I love that people download our app and listen to the podcast. It means a lot to us that people wanna hear everything we do. That said, sometimes it can lead to an embarrassing confession. For example, this week we asked "who called the police and why?". Well, at one point today, we... Read More