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The Easter Bunny Got Into A Fistfight in Florida

Florida just keeps on being the gift that keeps on giving. That's because a viral video circulating around the internet shows Peter Cottontail himself throwing down some haymakers after a fight between a man and a woman broke out in downtown Orlando. The fight was soon broken up by a nearby police... Read More

Megadeth Featured In New iPhone Ad "Don't Mess With Mother"

Much like heavy metal, nature is brutal and powerful. Why else would we dedicate a full week of the year to the awesomeness of sharks? Apple's latest iPhone XS ad echos this fact through the use of Megadeth's "Last Rites/Loved To Death" from their debut album Killing Is My Business... And Business... Read More

10 Rock Songs For Earth Day

Back on April 22, 1970, we celebrated the first ever "Earth Day," which is acknowledged around the world where we, including school children, are taught about the importance about environmental conservation and "going green." On this day that we celebrate our planet, many rock artists have written... Read More

Bruins vs. Leafs Game 7, AGAIN!

Thank god I was watching the Bruins vs. Leafs Game 6 alone in a sound proof WAAF Studio, not because I was yelling and jumping up and down, but because of my superstitions, I was too afraid to move, or speak. That game was just as stressful as a Game 7, and the ol’ heart rate and stress level is... Read More
Gary Clark Jr.

1THING: Gary Clark Jr. Is Celebrating Earth Day by Staying at Home

“I stay at the house so I’m not burning fuel” Gary Clark Jr. admits of how he's being more conscious of his environmental impact. From putting a strict ban on one-time use plastic water bottles to taking a band trip to clean up the beach, April 22 is the perfect excuse to give back to Mother Nature... Read More

Bay State Rock Recap 4/21/2019

WAAF Bay State Rock playlist 04/21/19...As we go along.. Jon Butcher "Life Takes A Life" - Fri 9 Wallis Jim Healey "The Sky Is Falling" - Sat O'Brien's Pub Gymnasium "Shadow Close To Me" - Sat Tavern at the End of the World PanzerBastard "The Devil Wins Every Time" - Sun Midway Cafe Nervous Eaters... Read More

Corey Taylor Shares Another Sneak Peek of His New Slipknot Mask

Corey Taylor has a new mask in store for Slipknot's return in 2019 and he posted another photo teasing it. Out of focus and vague, Taylor shared an extreme close-up image of his eye donning the new mask that he will be unveiling this summer starting in Europe. Soon. A post shared by Corey Taylor (@... Read More

Watch Dave Grohl's Outdoor Acoustic Jam with Brandi Carlile

Often times on the busy city streets where there are lots of tourists, musicians will set up on a sidewalk for a free outdoor performance, get their names out there, and possibly snag a little bit of cash. Normally, the art of busking to practiced by unknown, local artists, not multi-platinum... Read More