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One Turtle Sex, Coming Up!

Hola Bitcholas, Today is my birthday. 50 years on this planet...7 years on 3 other planets. Anyway, I'm outta here to get drunk! Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL! Read More
Scott Stapp

Scott Stapp From Creed Returns Strong On "Purpose For Pain"

Everyone loves a comeback story, especially when it sounds so good. Scott Stapp went from the top of the world with Creed , to some really dark days. Struggling with addiction and bipolar disorder, the frontman's fall from grace was highly publicized and scary to watch. Now, with the help of... Read More

20 Rockers Cuddle With Adorable Puppies For "National Puppy Day"

It doesn't matter if you're covered in tattoos, rocking a full beard, and listen to only the hardest of rock, if a puppy licks your face you have no choice but to melt. In celebration of National Puppy Day, check out these 20 rockers show off their softer sides with a whole lotta puppies! 1. Ozzy... Read More
Gary Clark Jr.

Gary Clark Jr. Shares His Best and Worst Studio Experiences

The studio is sacred ground for recording artists. It’s the place where magic happens. Sometimes musicians know exactly what they’re getting into when they walk through the doors. Other times they don’t. Like the time guitar virtuoso Gary Clark Jr. worked with Alicia Keys . He called the recording... Read More