Hill-Man’s Extra Sauce Podcast

Was there a topic you wish WAAF's Hill-Man Morning Show could discuss, but
got cut for time? Starring Greg Hill and Mike Hsu, the duo recap on tasty
stories, topics, and individuals that could use a little "Extra Sauce."

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Mistress Carrie's Side Piece

Most people keep their ‘Side Pieces’ a secret. Whether it’s a tattoo
only a few people know is there, or  little extra action to break up the
boredom, it’s supposed to be a secret.  Well, WAAF's Mistress Carrie is
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Boston Sports 101 Podcast

There is an endless supply of topics Bostonians love to discuss while out
drinking at a local bar: sports, movies, Tom Brady, tv shows, relationships,
Tom Brady, food, beer, society, Tom Brady. The list goes on an on!That's
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