The Robinson Brothers on Why the Time Was Right to Reunite the Black Crowes

Watch our new interview before the big tour

February 28, 2020

Chris and Rich Robinson are set to bring the The Black Crowes back to life on a highly-anticipated summer tour that will celebrate the 30th anniversary of Shake Your Money Maker, and the duo is already warming up with some small acoustic shows on their Brothers of a Feather Tour.

The Robinsons stopped by RADIO.COM station WXRT in Chicago to talk with Lin Brehmer about why the time was right for a reunion and to provide some new perspective on their hiatus. Rich touched on the brothers' time apart and why going their own ways ultimately helped them in the long run.

"For the last seven years since we split up, every year someone [asked about a reunion]. There were offers on the table, a lot of money, but we weren't interested," he explained. "It wasn't the right time and it wasn't what our motivation was. We were out on our own paths and it was something Chris and I needed to do."

"The fact we went both on this path in our own separate ways allowed us to come back to this with the perspectives we had to make it work. It shifted it to where it needs to be to where there's a tremendous amount of gratitude we have for what we accomplished together, for what we share as brothers."

The independent, do-it-yourself ethos of the Robinsons that made music fans fall in love with The Black Crowes is still present. "I'm still fired up about art," Chris added. "I'm still fired up about music and the ideas of rock and roll. It's different at 53 than it was at 20-whatever."

The brothers also touched on performing Shake Your Money Maker from front to back. "We never played Shake Your Money Maker in its entirety when it came out. We definitely never played it in its sequence," Chris said.

Their upcoming performances will be unlike traditional Black Crowes shows. "Part of the idea is to come back to this record and focus on it and not to be jamming, not to be expanding our sound or focus about where we're going and what's going to happen next," he added.

Watch their full conversation with Lin Brehmer in her interview below.

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