EXCLUSIVE: Dinosaur Pile-Up Perform and Break Down Best Band Names

The band is back from their first US headlining tour

September 16, 2019

There are band names in everything.

From police codes to childhood nicknames, anything can be a band name if you say it with confidence. Dinosaur Pile-Up have one of our favorite band names, and at least a few in the reserve just in case.

“It came from the remake of ‘King Kong’ by Peter Jackson. It has Jack Black in it,” lead singer Matt Bigland explains in the exclusive interview above, remembering some of the more absurd moments from the 2005 epic. “I went to the cinema ages ago with a bunch of my friends to watch that movie. So ridiculous. Just such a ridiculous movie.”

“It has that scene where there was a dinosaur pile-up, and when I left the cinema I made a bet with my friends. I was like, ‘I bet you I’ll make my next band and I’ll call it Dinosaur Pile-Up,’ not really intending to follow through with that,” he adds. “When I did write the songs that began Dinosaur, I couldn’t think of a name so I called it Dinosaur Pile-Up.”

Four albums of shredding rock later, and here we are. “You set us up to be talking about it forever,” drummer Mike Sheils jumps in. “I played myself,” Bigland resigns.

Watch the full video above to see Mike and Matt volley around other potential names, like “Hot Couch” or “eREPTILE Dysfunction,” and check out an exclusive intimate performance of “Back Foot” below.

Dinosaur Pile-Up have had an amazing summer, opening for Shinedown and launching their first US headlining tour. “It’s been awesome,” Bigland says, as the UK band continues to find fans in the states. “The turnouts have been pretty killer.”

“We’ve toured the states a bunch of times in supporting roles, but as our first headline tour, all those people coming out. Yeah, that’s been killer.”

In June, the band released their latest album, Celebrity Mansions. You can find it and all their upcoming tour dates here.