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SONG to 97107 at anytime to find out the last three songs that played on WAAF!

ALERT to 97107 and get notified immediately when we announce contests, details about special WAAF events, special programming, celebrity guests, new music premieres, and more!

CONCERT to 97107 to find out when your favorite WAAF artists are coming to town and how you can get tickets!

TICKET to 97107 to get WAAF Free Ticket Club Alerts. PLUS, for joining the WAAF Free Ticket Club, you will receive texts with special opportunities to win concert, sports, movie, and other tickets!

CASH to 97107 to get WAAF Cash Club Alerts starting now. For joining the WAAF Cash Club, you will receive alerts before each Cash Contest letting you know when to tune in for code words and your chance to win $1000 on WAAF!

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