1Thing: A new Boston startup is eliminating plastic waste by making reusable bottles for household cleaning supplies

1Thing: Boston startup eliminating plastic by making cleaning supplies reusable


In an effort to curb the amount of plastic everyday Americans use, a Boston startup is finding a way to make reusable bottles for home cleaning products. 

Started earlier this year, ThreeMain sells aluminum bottles to customers guaranteed to last a lifetime. Instead of returning to the store on a monthly or yearly basis to purchase a new bottle, customers simply have to refill their container. 

After the one-time bottle purchase, customers can either to opt into a $59 quarterly subscription for refill pouches, or purchase them as needed. Pouches are both recyclable and use 80 percent less plastic than a bottle. 

Having received backing from investors and online fundraising websites, the company operates out of Brighton Center with a small team of three and looks to grow by the end of the year. 

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