1Thing: Boston restaurants getting on board with #SkipTheStraw campaign

1Thing: Boston restaurants getting on board with #SkipTheStraw campaign


In an effort to protect marine life, restaurants and cafés in Boston are beginning to eliminate single-use plastic straws from their circulation. 

Eastern Standard—a well-known restaurant in Kenmore Square—made waves earlier this year when they announced they would be participating in the #SkipTheStraw campaign. The restaurant has eliminated plastic straws, replacing them with either no straw, a metal straw, or a reusable polypropylene straw depending on the drink. 

Other local business are beginning to follow suit, by either minimizing or eliminating straws completely. Blue State Coffee, a local coffee shop on Commonwealth Ave. redesigned its iced coffee lid in a way that resembles a hot coffee lid and does not require a straw. Cava, a DC-based bowl chain also announced that it would be replacing plastic straws with paper by Nov. 2018. 

In July, Starbucks also announced that it would eliminate all plastic straws by 2020—more than 1 billion per year.

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